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June 17, 2021 | 14:30 - 16:00

Circular value creation in product development - current status, challenges and solutions


What starting points are there to convert the current linear product development into a recycling process.

Portrait Eva Schwenzfeier-Hellkamp

“A particular appeal for me is the interdisciplinarity of circular value creation as well as the rethinking from linear thinking in classic development processes to thinking in cycles. With my contribution, I would like to support companies in rethinking the development process from a technical perspective and developing products in a circular way.”

Prof.‘in Dr.-Ing. Eva Schwenzfeier-Hellkamp

Portrait Dörthe Knefelkamp

“If you always only take material out of a warehouse, it will be empty sooner or later! It is the same with our earth! In my position as a research associate at ITES, I would like to motivate people in companies and in society to think about this basic idea in all activities and to make the world more circular together.”

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Dörthe Knefelkamp M. Sc.

Portrait Fabian Schoden

“The energy transformation can only succeed if PV and wind energy systems are also designed in a circular way – closing loops. As a research associate at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, I conduct research on technologies for a truly sustainable energy transition.”

Fabian Schoden M. Eng.

Portrait Eric Adelt

“We are constantly working to make the use of all resources as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible – from renewable raw materials and regenerative energy to product design focused on sustainability from the start.”

Eric Adelt, Managing Director IP Adelt GmbH
+49.521.20880-0 |

Circular value creation at Bielefeld UAS

Circular value creation is becoming increasingly relevant – both at FH Bielefeld and worldwide. At Bielefeld UAS, there is the module “Circular Value Creation according to C2C” in the Department of Engineering and Mathematics in the Renewable Energies degree program.

Students learn about the different facets of circular value creation and get a detailed insight into the Cradle to Cradle school of thought. The complex topic is underpinned with background knowledge on biological and technical circular processes. Building on this foundation, successful student project work is regularly produced.

Research projects and activities of ITES

At the Institute for Technical Energy Systems (ITES), circular value creation is a topic of the future. Currently, the research project CirQuality OWL is running. Together with the 5 innovation networks of the OWL region and the VDI OWL, the ITES Institute is driving forward capacity building in the region in the CirQuality OWL project in order to implement the strategy of the regional action concept of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region of OWL as a future-proof production location.

At the ITES Institute, the topic of circular value creation is for the most part promoted on an interdisciplinary basis by the professors in the individual research areas. The members of the Circular Value Creation team organize various event formats to raise awareness and enthusiasm for the topic among companies and students.

An annual expert forum and a hackathon are future-oriented formats offered by the ITES team for the various target groups. In addition, the networks are being further expanded and close cooperation with the Prosperkolleg and Lippe Zirkulär is being maintained.

Most recently, ITES staff helped to organize the Circular Value Creation Day as part of the Pioneers Days at the digital Hannover Messe. This was a great opportunity to address the topic of circular value creation on a national level.

Zuletzt gestalteten Mitarbeiter:innen des Instituts ITES den Thementag zirkuläre Wertschöpfung im Rahmen der Pioneers Days zur digitalen Hannover Messe mit. Dies war eine tolle Gelegenheit das Thema zirkuläre Wertschöpfung auch überregional zu adressieren.